How to choose the mattress in memory

The memory foam mattresses are designed to adapt perfectly to the different weights and pressures exerted by the body; they also guarantee adequate support for the vertebral column. The memory foam is a heat- sensitive material that is sensitive to heat: this allows that during the night it adapts perfectly to every physiological curve of our body, giving us a pleasant feeling of comfort and relaxation of the entire musculature. It also promotes good blood circulation and prevents feelings of dullness on the body.

A good quality memory also guarantees excellent performance in terms of breathability and freshness during sleep. This type of foam is hostile to the proliferation of mites and bacteria. In Summary: here are the main features of the memory foam mattress:

Follows the shape of the body

Gives an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being

Anti-decubitus: prevents the formation of pressure points

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All about latex mattresses

This is one of the most elastic natural materials in nature, which allows the mattress to adapt optimally to the body, promoting total relaxation and also ensuring a correct position of the spine. The latex is an elastic and non-deformable material and has the ability to recover the original shape almost instantly once the pressure is removed. It also manages to undergo very large deformations without breaking. It is hypoallergenic and has bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal properties. It also has good breathability characteristics thanks to a structure with communicating micro-cells that allow a greater exchange of air.

In Summary: here are the main characteristics of the latex mattress:

Breathability: the communicating micro-cell structure as in a dense network of channels allows air to circulate freely

Hygiene: latex has bactericidal, germicidal, fungicidal properties, which determine absolute hygiene and hypoallergenic

Elasticity: latex can undergo great deformations without breaking

What is the best mattress for a child?

For a child it is important that the mattress is the size suitable for the couch in use. A mattress that is too small, in fact, leaves empty spaces in which the child could put his hands or arms moving in his sleep.

Then, considering that the child has a reduced muscle tone, the mattress must be adequately supported in order to support correctly the child and to avoid taking wrong positions.