Do You Know How to Choose the Ideal Mattress?

Every day, after work, sightseeing, traveling or training, it is on the mattress that the rest is guaranteed. As it is a staple item, it has a long shelf life and you spend many hours in it, it is important to not be in a hurry when choosing a best memory foam mattress. Just looking at the various options on the market does not guarantee a peaceful sleep.

Height and Weight

Height and weight should be taken into account. The proper mattress should ensure a uniform distribution of weight and support in the different parts of your body. Another important factor is whether you sleep alone or accompanied. The body’s own preferences and anatomy vary, and if the couple does not have the same taste in terms of comfort and support, the ideal is to meet the need for greater density. This is because, over time, the mattress will have greater durability.

In case you choose a spring mattress, the quantity and shape are determining factors to measure their quality. Therefore, the experts suggest that the most comfortable and resistant. The spring mattress has the property of providing high comfort, strength and durability for people weighing up to 150 kilos. Know the main types of springs available online:


– It is the traditional system of mattresses;

– It has, on average, 115 springs per m²;

– Supports the average weight of 100 kilos;

– It has the softer support feature;

– The strength of the Bonnel spring mattress may be greater if it presents other special features that strengthen its structure.

Super Elastic

– Has exclusive design with high spring count;

– It has, on average, 198 springs per m² with wire thickness 2 mm;

– Supports up to 130 pounds;

– Its feature is of a firmer support than the conventional Bonnel system and is superlatively soft.

– It has a high absorption capacity and weight distribution;

– It is indicated for heavy biotypes;

– It has, on average, 173 m² springs with wire thickness 2.2 mm;

– Supports up to 150 pounds;

– It has the strongest support feature.