Buying the Perfect Mattress for Babies

Do you know which the best mattress is for children and babies? This is a question that I have asked myself many times when buying mattresses, and I confess that I had to look for a lot of information until I discovered the best option.

Firstly, I will ask you a few questions: how do you choose your child’s mattress? Should you buy the most beautiful or the cheapest? What seems most cute when you press? What do they say last longer, with the intention of not exchanging it for years and years? Unfortunately, if you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, there is something that needs to be changed when it comes to finding the ideal mattress not just for the child, but perhaps for you as well.

To help you choose the best mattress for children and babies, I gathered in this post some tips that show what should be truly taken into account at the time of purchase. It is worth (and a lot!) To inform ourselves, after all, we are talking about a product that will be fundamental to the development of the small, because the hours of rest are also extremely valuable for him to grow healthily. Come and see!

Mattress For Children and Babies: What Is the Best Density?

First Tip: never buy spring mattress for your little son! Always opt for the foam, which fits best to the body of the baby and the child. But it also can not be any mattress: the main feature that you should observe when buying the best mattress is the density of the product, which is categorized according to the amount of raw material (the foam itself) used in its manufacture.

The Pattern

A pattern that should be followed strictly is the choice of density mattresses 18 for infants up to three years old (they are identified by code D18). From that age, the density of the mattress should correspond to the height and weight of the child. For example: if it is up to one and a half meters high and weighs up to 50 kilos, the ideal is a D23 mattress. One suggestion that makes purchasing easier is to take these measurements from your child whenever you buy a new mattress for them, and inform them to the specialist vendors who may indicate the correct option. You can explore more details at