A Comprehensive Guide to Mattresses

Before buying a new product, first choose the type of mattress you prefer: foam, springs, latex or water. Then choose the density (in the case of foam mattresses), which varies depending on your weight and height. These are the only items that should be observed.


Do not fall for the promise of therapeutic mattresses, increasingly common in the market. In this line, there are magnetic models, with infra red and those that offer “quantum treatments”. However, there is no scientific study to prove its benefits.

Mattresses with steel springs, for example, have elasticity, firmness and good ventilation. In this aspect, they gain from foam, as they are better suited for those who perspire a lot or live in hot regions. In case you are suffering from some allergic disease like asthma then better you should go with foam beds or latex beds. Having both of the spring types like biconic or bagged you can easily stay away from such allergic problems.

In models of bagged springs, there is no transmission of motion between springs. This makes them very comfortable, especially if the person who sleeps with you moves a lot. Also search for the best time to buy mattress.

Different Properties of Different Types of beds:

Foam – Due to high quality thermal properties it is considered a good choice over spring for summer season. It carries well punched wooden pallets along with planks for better rigidity. Spring ones are comes in low rigidity for pure relaxation. The elasticity and firmness of this type depends on the density of the foam and the air injected into your cells in polyurethane or polyester.

Springs – Has better ventilation than foam and latex. So it is more suitable for those who perspire a lot or live in hot regions. It is important to remember that there is always the risk that the springs will break or lose elasticity, causing deformation. In addition, it is inevitable that they will lose height with the time of use.